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From FreightTrainBoogie, July 2004

Of all the CDs sent to me for review recently, this one was by far the most consistently enjoyable. I can say in all honesty there wasn't a bad song in the bunch. Clifford grew up in the TX honky-tonks and it shows. This CD runs the gamut from Doug Sahm/ Freddy Fender Tex-Mex dance tunes to classic jukebox cryin'-n-yer-beer country ballads to kick-up-yer-heels shuffles. I'm going to issue a challenge to all country radio programmers out there. I dare you to play any one of Mike's songs on your station. If you do, tell me it ain't the most requested song running!! Be on the lookout for Mike Clifford, he's going places!!

                                                                                        - Keith Robb

4 stars (out of 5)

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From Country Line Magazine, July 2004

Mike Clifford is the hands down, all-around winner of the second Country Line CD listener's poll conducted during June on our Web site at Clifford had an enormous lead over everyone else from the very beginning with supporters chiming in day after day. The sample on the Web site gave a small glimpse of the tightly packed, highly diversified album that crosses Texas honky-tonk with California rock with a little bit of blues harmonica thrown in for good measure. One thing you will figure out quickly is that Clifford is a fine guitar player, running the gamut of musical styles with ease and producing a quality product alongside mega-musicians like Mike Daily on steel guitar, Chris Cage on piano and John Godman on the harmonica. You will be hearing a lot about Clifford in the very near future, especially in the Austin area. Go to to get the whole story and buy this CD while youíre there. Youíll be able to see what all those people on the voterís poll were going crazy over.

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 From RikksRevues, May 2004


Not too long ago, a singer-songwriter from Texas sent me his first CD for review.  At that time I couldn't give Mike Clifford the praise he deserved, as the production held me back from hearing the true essence of the music.  But even then I knew I heard a great artist emerging.  I believed in Mike Clifford, and much to my elation, he released a new CD "All Night All Day".   I once again have the opportunity granted to listen and wow, my friends, the difference is like night and day (pun intended) in the two recordings.

On this outing Mike Clifford pulled out all the stops and offers up one incredible work of country art. Mike has not only gone to prove that he is a great performer, he also shows his prowess as a songwriter writing all tracks included on All Night All Day. There are some incredibly noteworthy tracks offered up here that blend a bit of West Coast country with accents of Southern Rock and influences from the Austin, Texas music hotbed. 

Mike Clifford has a voice that proclaims pure country roots and shows that he is the real deal. Music that blends a little Tex-Mex, classic country, and Southern Rock a la The Marshall Tucker Band. Take some tunes that automatically get you movin', add some tender songs of heartache and love, and you have a complete country package that is packed with energy and emotion.

The CD opens with "Senorita", and Mike couldn't have picked a better opener, as the songs rings with a hook and appeal that would feel comfortable on any country or Americana music station. Other greats include "Let Me Love You Out Of Leavin' " a song about regrets and heartache, the great up-tempo number "Get The "L" Outta L.A.", "I Can Be Lonesome By Myself" and "Goin' Down Swingin' ".  All Night All Day is as true a country CD as there is, and Mike Clifford has delivered a winner! 

  5 5 Stars (out of 6)


From July 19, 2004

All Night, All Day - Mike Clifford

by Jennifer Web


'All Night All Day' is a wonderful mix of country with a little bit of rock and roll influence, so if that is the music you like, you are sure to enjoy this album.

Mike Clifford not only wrote all songs, but he also produced the album & I must say he did a fantastic job on all fronts. As a fan of country music with a little bit of a kick to it, 'All Night All Day' has quickly become one of my favorites from the "Texas Country" scene & I am glad I found his music.

First song "Senorita" has a Spanish flavor to it as Mike sings of a man who ended up in jail after a scuffle that he hoped would have landed him the chance to meet the lady he had his eye on instead of landing himself in jail. After a rather rough night, the next morning "Senorita" came to help him get out of jail & he vowed to spend next year's Cinco de Mayo just hanging out. "Honky-Tonk Road" is very dance floor worthy as is "I Can Be Lonely By Myself."

Title cut, 'All Night All Day' is about a man who has been on the straight & narrow for too long. Now he wants to be with a certain lady every day because she knocks him off his feet. "Get The 'L' Outta L.A." is a classic because it tells of a man that wanted to go to California to be a star but once he tried to get a few jobs they took one look at his boots & told him to leave because the "L" doesn't stand for Lubbock and the "A" isn't Austin. "Happy Anniversary" is one of the slower songs & the lyrics are very deep. Saying goodbye can be very lonely as illustrated in "The Loneliest Goodbye:" "If you think it's hard to say farewell, at least you get the chance to tell just how you feel just before you say goodbye."

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From RootsTime, Freddy Celis, May 2004

Mike Clifford is well on his way to becoming one of Austinís best country-style musicians. This is an opinion that you canít help but agree with after listening to his second album " All Night All DayĒ. Clifford presents himself as a master storyteller in this California-style country rock CD.  Mike is blessed with a pleasantly warm country voice and moreover he is great on the acoustic, electric and bass guitars.  With a minimum of outside help, Clifford creates a constant listening pleasure with Texas Honky-Tonk as a basis.  Great Country-Rock-Honky-Tonk of first rate quality.

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From Singer-Songwriter Legends, Garry Duncan, May 2004

Mike Clifford is yet another in the pool of talent that competed in the recent Nashville Star 2 competition, and another who makes you wonder just what the judges could have been looking for.  This guy's got the vocal talent and songwriting instinct to be a star.  Mike sounds like a mixture of Marty Robbins, Rodney Crowell, and Dwight Yoakum, with a little Travis Tritt thrown in.

"All Night All Day" offers a cross-section of Mike's vocal talents, consisting of up-tempo numbers, heartfelt ballads, rockers and downright cry in your beer songs.  His voice is well suited to the songs, and his lyrics flow easily along with his melodies.

The track that stands out by far is "Between The Highway And The Sky", a song that stays in your mind for days after hearing it just once.  In fact, on my first listen to the CD, I replayed this track three additional times before moving on.  It evokes memories of Jim Croce's great "I Got A Name", and the Alman Brothers' "Ramblin Man".

The other memorable songs, for me, were "Get The 'L' Out Of L.A.", a song about trying to sing country in unfriendly territory, "Honky Tonk Road", which chronicles the life of the honky-tonk singer living his dream, and The Loneliest Goodbye", a nice ballad with a great hook.  Mike's got a future in this business, and I'm looking forward to hearing more from him.


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