Nominated for 2 Texas Music awards including Album of the Year, Mike Clifford's "Backroads In Bare Feet" CD contains 13 original songs, all written by Clifford.  It features members of Asleep At The Wheel and George Strait's Ace In The Hole Band, 2 of the most influential and respected bands in Texas music.

Combining traditional country, Texas twang, modern country and classic rock influences, "Backroads In Bare Feet" is a diverse collection of songs about life, love, heartbreak, and happiness that is sure to please any country music fan.

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"Clifford has hit a home run with "Backroads In Bare Feet".  The list of pickers is first rate and the production is masterful.  I don't usually rank records, but this one would get my highest rating if I did.  Clifford stays on genre, remains true to his art, and gives fans a reprise of familiar sounds and a steady diet of uncharted territory. " 
- Lucky Boyd,

"Austin's purveyor of breezy, melodic Texas honky-tonk country returns with a fourth CD anchored by his warm baritone, thoughtful tunes and spacious production.  Clifford channels maturity on "Before You Came Along" and the story song "Little Baby Girl." He kicks up dust on corkers such as "Backroads in Bare Feet" and "That's the Thanks I Get."  But "Famous," a sobering yet humorous ode to celebrity, is the disc's standout track.  
- Mario Tarradell, Dallas Morning News

"The raucous and rocking "Hotter Than Texas" is the perfect addition to "Backroads In Bare Feet", which features songs ranging from heartfelt ballads to all-out country-rockers.   If you haven't heard Mike's music before, or haven't heard his most recent work, take a minute to visit his website.   You'll be pleasantly surprised to find a true Texas original."  - Best In Texas Magazine

"Backroads In Bare Feet" shows what modern country music can be and should be - memorable songs and melodies, great vocals and musicianship, traditional country and modern influences, all wrapped up in a truly Texas sound." 
- Gary Barton,

"I realize the tendency is to overlook independent artists like Mike Clifford in favor of the major label releases, but in my opinion the major labels could learn something by taking a listen to this album."

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