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"I put "All Night All Day" into rotation at KRXT-FM the day I received it in the mail, it left that big an impression on me.  The vocal style, the songwriting, the arrangements, and the production are all top-notch.  I believe Mike Clifford is definitely someone to watch in the Texas Country Music scene."

Bill Gregory, Program Director, KRXT-FM 98.5 Rockdale, TX


"I really like Mike's voice, it's polished and sounds familiar yet completely unique.  He has some great songs and did a wonderful job on our radio show Humble Time.  I look forward to having him back soon!  

Mo Humble, Humble Time syndicated radio show


"You will be hearing a lot about Clifford in the very near future, especially in the Austin area.  Go to to get the whole story, and buy his CD "All Night All Day" while you're there."

Greg Roberts, Country Line Magazine


"All Night All Day sounds unlike most Texas country CDs, yet it still has that Lone Star seal of approval.  The album merges California country-rock with Texas honky-tonk to create a tuneful, boot-kicking sound."

Mario Tarradell, Dallas Morning News


"Both Steve and I really like Mikes's new CD, it's not the same old Texas hat act sound and is unlike anything coming out of Nashville right now.  I expect to hear alot about Mike Clifford in the near future."

Harley, Program Director, KRVL-FM 94.3 Kerrville, TX and host of The Armadillo Radio Hour


"Mike is a smart and talented country artist with his own unique sound.  "I Can Be Lonesome By Myself" is my type of song... good old-fashioned Texas dance hall music with great lyrics and a nice honky-tonk feel"

Debbie Green, President, Debbie Green Promotions


"I've booked a ton of singer-songwriters in the Y Wednesdays showcases here in Austin, and Mike Clifford is by far the most original I've seen.  Of course, it doesn't hurt that he writes some great country music."

Jerry Wayne Cook, Y Wednesdays Showcase Coordinator


"What a great song Mike Clifford's 'Between The Highway and the Sky' is!  It grabbed me as soon as I heard it.  By the time I got halfway through the song, I knew I wanted to put it in rotation at KBEC.  I've thoroughly enjoyed both of Mike's albums."

Gary Barton, Program Director, KBEC Radio Waxahachie, TX


"I really enjoyed his first CD, especially the hidden track 'Crawl'.  The entire CD is good, but that song really stood out from most of the independent artists I hear"

Robbie "Dawn Dale", Morning DJ, KFAN-FM 107.9 Fredericksburg


"Mike Clifford is one of our top entertainers at County Line.  He knows how to read a crowd and has a repertoire unlike anyone I've heard, a great voice and an incredibly versatile musician.  His first CD was great, but the new one 'All Night All Day' is just awesome."

G.W. Horn, General Manager, County Line On The Lake Restaurant 


"Welcome To The Other Side" is a great album.  It sounds like the resurrection of Pure Prairie League, before Mr. Vince Gill smoothed everything down to mainstream country"

Wolfgang Reitzemmaner, German Music Critic


"I lent Mike Clifford 20 bucks a couple years ago, and he still hasn't paid me back".

Gregg Murphy, Friend




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Use these info Mike began making radio appearances for "All Night All Day" May 13 at KBEC Radio Waxahachie TX to  to line up vertically.