Texas Aces

Frequently Asked Questions

Q:  How long have the members of Texas Aces been performing together?

A:  Texas Aces was formerly named The Mike Clifford Band, and this band has been performing together since 2004, with almost 1000 performances to date, including over 200 wedding receptions performed, and 4 Texas Music Award Nominations including 2011 Album Of The Year.  The name of the band was changed to Texas Aces in 2013 to reflect the band's focus on providing a true Texas Music Experience for clients at special events. 


Q:  How much does Texas Aces charge to perform at an event?

A:  Texas Aces does not have a set price schedule; we try to work within a client's budget and put together an affordable offering that exceeds the client's expectations.  The first step is usually a telephone discussion between the client, event planner, or agent and Mike Clifford, who handles bookings for the band.  Please contact Mike directly by clicking here, if you have a particular event coming up and would like to discuss pricing or any other questions relating to your event.


Q:  How many band members are there in Texas Aces? 

A:  The core Texas Aces band is a 5-piece group consisting of guitar, fiddle, steel guitar, bass, and drums (4 of the 5 members sing).  You can check out the band member Bios by clicking here.  One of the advantages of Texas Aces is the scale-ability of the group.  Depending on a client's requirements and budget, Texas Aces can go from a duo all the way up to a 7-piece band.  A particular client might want a 3-piece consisting of bass, guitar, and steel guitar with no drums, for example, due to space, budget, or volume limitations.   Or some clients book Mike Clifford solo acoustic, or with a fiddle or steel guitar accompaniment, or the full band.  Scale-ability and versatility are two big advantages Texas Aces provides over other musical acts. 


Q: Why can't Texas Aces just email me a price quote for my event? 

A: Due to the number of variables involved in a particular event, from location of the event, to number of expected attendees, to PA size required, to lighting requirements, to special load in requirements, to number of band members desired for the event, and several other variables, it is much easier discussing all this with the client directly, rather than putting together a complex price schedule and emailing it out to a client.  The best first step is a phone discussion with Mike Clifford.  Contact Texas Aces by clicking here.


Q: Where can I see the band perform live?

A:  Texas Aces performs regularly at public and private events all over central Texas.  The online Schedule has a listing of performances, but if you would like to check out the band live, it is best to contact Mike Clifford by phone or email.   Some of the events have cover charges, or limited access to the public, or may only feature a duo or 3-piece band configuration.  In many cases, Mike can make arrangements to have a prospective client's name placed at the door in order to allow them easy access to see the band at a given event, so contacting Mike Clifford first is highly recommended. 


Q: I would like a mix of live music and DJ music at my event.  Can Texas Aces provide this?

A:  Yes!  In addition to fronting Texas Aces, Mike Clifford also has extensive DJ experience, and an mp3 library of over 5000 popular songs.  Many clients like to have DJ music played before the band comes onstage, during band breaks, and/or after the band has finished.  Usually this service can be provided at little or no additional charge, and Texas Aces can even put together a customized playlist of DJ music, based on a client's song preferences.  Alternately, Texas Aces can provide a connection for the client's mp3 player/IPOD/IPhone, where the client may already have their preferred playlist loaded, at no additional charge. 


Q: Does Texas Aces work with booking agents?

Yes, Texas Aces has established relationships with several local booking agents, and is always interested in working with anyone who is looking for a great band providing a true Texas Music Experience, whether they be a booking agent, venue representative, event planner, or client. 


Q: Where can I see a list of songs that Texas Aces is able to perform at events?

A:  You can view the full list of cover songs that Texas Aces performs by clicking here, or you can view the list of Texas cover songs that the band performs by clicking here.  You can also hear Texas Aces original music by clicking here.  These links are also on the main Texas Aces web page. 


Q: I would like Texas Aces to perform a special song(s) at my event that is not on their song list.  Is this possible?

A:  Yes!  If the song is fairly simple and doesn’t require a Texas Aces rehearsal to learn it, the song may be included at no additional charge for the event.  If a band rehearsal, individual practice, chord charts, etc. are required, there may be an additional charge for having Texas Aces perform the song(s) live at the event.  The exact charge would depend on the complexity of the song(s), so this would need to be discussed between the client and Mike Clifford.  As an alternative, Texas Aces also offers free of charge the ability to play an mp3 of the song over their PA system during the event. 


Q:  Does Texas Aces require a deposit to hold the date for my event?

A:  In most cases, the answer is yes.  In some cases, however, if an event is being booked last minute or with a very short amount of time between when the event is booked and the date of the event, the deposit requirement may be waved. 


Q:  How can I watch videos of Texas Aces performing live?

You can visit the Texas Aces YouTube channel by clicking here. 


Q:  Do you have a list of client references you can provide?

A:  Yes!  Click here to see a list of previous Texas Aces clients, as well as quotes/kudos from previous clients and associates 

If you don't see an answer to your question, feel free to contact Mike Clifford directly here