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The Busch Band rawked the Delta Tau Delta tailgate party in Morgantown recently, check out these youtube videos here:


Check out a 1995 video of the Busch Band here:

After watching the video, or watching part of it, or none of it, you might ask... who is "The Busch Band??

The Busch Band is a Classic rock band formed from 1980s members of Delta Tau Delta Fraternity at West Virginia University. The group's in-your-face party/dance tunes earned it a rabid following, especially among heavy drinkers.  The band not only played Delta Tau Delta events, but were "subcontracted out" to other WVU fraternities for their parties, including Sigma Chi, Beta Theta Pi, Kappa Alpha, Phi Sigma Kappa and even the WVU engineering dept. 

Over the years, the band became "larger than life" and developed a reputation for high-energy blowout live performances. They played at a huge outdoor festival in Scott Depot, WV, some pics of which are shown below, as well as the Lovestock Festival in the heart of Amish Country near Erie, PA. 

And now, Let's Meet The Band!


Mike Clifford, Guitar and Lead Vocals

"First I'd like to thank all the little people out there who have made the Busch Band such a success.  And when I say 'little people', I'm not talking about the little people in my head that tell me to do bad things.  I'm talking about the other members of the band.  Murph, John, and what's the new guy's name, Jerry?  You guys are the best.  And when I say that, I don't mean you're necessarily the best musicians, I mean you're the best... uh... darn now I forgot what I meant." 

Gregg Murphy, Bass Guitar

"I remember when we first started out back in '85, we didn't have enough money to afford musical instruments.  So I just grabbed a branch off a tree and started playing it.  Eventually I worked my way up to playing an old tennis racket, which I bought at a pawn shop with some money I stole from my Dad.  It wasn't until maybe 3 years ago that I actually started playing a Bass Guitar onstage.  Some people ask me 'Why do you keep doing these Busch Band Reunion shows?'  I figure if it's good enough for Journey, Styx, and REO Speedwagon (my 3 favorite all-time bands), it's good enough for the Busch Band!"

John Godman, Drums /Vocals

"The way I first got into the Busch Band was, I answered an ad in the University newspaper for a drummer wanted.  After a relentless 4-hour audition, they told me 'Sorry, it's just not working man'.  But I really wanted to play with these guys, I was willing to do whatever it took, whether it be practicing night and day, taking the members out for beers, auditioning again and again.  These guys were such awesome players, I was determined that this would be my goal for the year, getting into this band. 

Unfortunately they stopped returning my calls, so I joined the Busch Band instead."

Jeff Brown, Lead Guitar

"My every childhood dream was to grow up and become a member of the Busch Band.  I still recall that fateful eve at Confetti's Bar and Grill in West Virginia.  I was a roadie for the band, and was standing off to the side of the stage.  Mike Clifford yelled over to me "Hey kid, ever play one of these?" and he threw his electric guitar over to me.  Of course I was too stunned to catch it, so it fell at my feet and broke into about 5 pieces.  After I glued it back together, Mike invited me onstage to play.  I still remember him saying "Do you know Freebird?".  Like Duh, it's only my favorite song of all time.  Today I'm proud to be a part of the band, although I'd be prouder if they'd make me a full-fledged member instead of always referring to me as a "Temporary Contractor". 

Craig Wilson, Vocals, Tambourine, Manager

"I never actually managed the Busch Band, as they were and still are very much unmanageable.  These guys have always been out of control... trashing Motel 6 hotel rooms and then hitting on the poor maids who had to clean up their mess.   The final straw was when they wanted me to call each of them "Emperor" when I spoke to them.  I did sing on a couple of early recording sessions, and they told me "We like your hair, but that's all".  This was the 80s, so I took it as a compliment.  As I've gotten older, I've learned to let bygones be bygones... so yes I will still jump onstage with them to sing Country Roads, if I've had enough peach moonshine."








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Did You Know?
Use these info   The Busch Band got their name because several members got drunk and wore empty Busch Beer 12-pack cases on their heads while they were performing



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To duplicate, click iThe Busch Band almost opened up for the Drifters in 1986, but were deemed too "rowdy" by the show's organizers.  y and Edit - Paste.