Words and Music by Mike Clifford, Copyright 2004



Sittin alone on this rainy ol night

I found myself thinkin about happier times

Four years ago to this day, when we said forever

Now we havent spoken in such a long time

So I got to thinkin Id drop you a line

But the only thing I can think of

To say in this letter


Is Happy Anniversary, baby

I hope youre doin alright

I heard that you found somebody

And I heard hes treatin you nice

Well I had my chance, and I let you go

Now thats over and done with

But I thought you should know

Tonight Im thinkin of you

And honey, I still miss you so


I may be the last one you thought youd hear from

But I thought it was high time our silence was done

I realize that I hurt you, and believe me Im sorry

Now I know it could never be the same way again

But I want you to know

Id just like to be your friend

And if you ever need someone to talk to

You know you can call me


CHORUS and end