Words and Music by Mike Clifford, Copyright 2004



All Night All Day I wanna be with you

Ainít no other way for a heart so true

I ainít falliní for the first time

But it just may be the last

Every night and day I wanna give you loviní

Like youíve never had


Iíve been walking the line since the day we met

Iíve been seeing the signs, the best is cominí yet




All Night All Day Iíve been dreaminí of you

Nothing you could say to ever make me blue

You know youíre always lookiní so fine

It knocks me off my feet

Every night and day I wanna spend just

Makiní sweet memories


But if there comes a time you wanna see me gone

Donít you know Iíd be cryiní like Niagara Falls


CHORUS and End