Words and Music by Mike Clifford


Copyright 2002



Well Iím rolliní out of Denver

Headed to L.A.

Lookiní for adventure along the way

They say a rambler can never find

Love and peace of mind

And it seems they both have left me far behind


So Iím rolling down lifeís highway

Looking for that road thatís going my way

And if it leads me to a dead end

Well then thatíll be all right

Iíll turn back around and set my sights

Somewhere Between The Highway And The Sky


I had myself a woman who wanted me to be

Respectable and proper, but that ainít me

I guess Iím the one to blame

You can drive anyone insane

When youíre all grown up

And donít know what you wanna be


Repeat Chorus


And it donít matter if I get to where Iím going

Itís what comes along the way

That makes this life worth knowing


Repeat Chorus and End